Multi-Generation Dance Celebration

Village Dance Party Event Details


Village Dance Party is a community celebration of life for ALL ages and all people, from babies to elders, and everyone in between. 

This is a family friendly event... and it's an opportunity to bridge the gap and share more intimacy between elders, people without children, and families, who often don't overlap and engage in our everyday lives.  This is a collaborative emergent experience, so please bring your spontaneity and your spunk!

We highlight and support local musicians and facilitators to help weave the web, and we donate a percentage of proceeds to an organization that focuses on healthy people and a healthy planet. We also offer organic non-GMO superfood drinks to support your and your family's health. 

We'd love for you to come play with us, and invite friends and family to make our Village Dance Party rock! :)

The next Village Dance Party is January 16th.  Father's Day Celebration

We will celebrate and honor all the fathers, grandfathers, sperm donors, uncles, and men who have and do contribute to the lives of the children. Many fathers don't have much connection time with other fathers, so this is also an opportunity for them to come together to rock out and connect. 

Also, there is a sweet garden where we all can potluck dinner and connect more after the dance.

4-5:30 pm at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. 1606 Bonita Ave.  

There is an outdoor space for kids or anyone to play, as well as an attached indoor room with books where kids can chill if they don't want to be in the main space.

Join our FB group at:

This will be the best way to keep updated on events.

How it flows:

Kids are invited to be on the dance floor, and will be integrated into the scene, so please come prepared to play in a different way than you may be used to!  

We ask that the adults hold the focus of our connection through the dance and keep words to an essential minimum. Socializing can happen after we close.

Music is DJ'ed, fun and diverse. It is mostly freestyle dance and play interwoven with an opening, closing and middle time of more focused connection and structured movement/music. 


Advance tickets available until 2 days before each event.
Paypal or with your names and date/s:

$10 per adult (18 & up)
$5 per child (2-17) or grandparent

Free for children under 2
$20 for the family - parents and kids

Tickets at the door:
$15 per adult (18 & up)
$5 per child (2 -17) or grandparent

Free for children under 2
$30 for the family - parents and kids

Contact: Leiah - 510-816-8027